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Watersheds, Ditches and Phosphorous

Posted: 11/20/2019

Category: County Board, Departments

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Residents of Douglas County may not give much thought to the ditches and wetlands, but they play an important role in our community. And, they may impact you whether you live in town, on a farm or on a lake. Residents in the Osakis area learned the cost of maintaining two Judicial Ditch 2 Sediment Ponds designed to reduce the amount of phosphorous going into Lake Osakis. November19, they packed the community center to share their concerns with the Sauk River Watershed District. Douglas County Commissioners Jerry Rapp, Keith Englund, Heather Larson and Tim Kalina attended the meeting. Rapp represents people in that area and told members of the Sauk River Watershed board in the future they should hold a public hearing any time a project will exceed a certain amount, say $50,000 - $100,000. That way Rapp says, those responsible for paying the bill will know well in advance what they're paying for and why. Commissioner Meyer had a scheduling conflict and could not attend the meeting. 

Also on November 19, Commissioners attended a Project Summary Public Meeting regarding Lake Ida and County Ditch 23. The Douglas County Soil and Water Conservation District held the meeting to share the findings of a feasibility study completed on County Ditch 23, a DNR Aquatic Management Area the ditch flows through, and the subwatershed to Lake Ida. The goal of the study was to identify the source and amount of phosphorous leaving the ditch system and entering Lake Ida. Those attending the meeting heard options for addressing the phosphorous issue. 

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