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Douglas County Commissioners to Vote on Future of Douglas Street Property

Posted: 11/22/2019

Category: County Board

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At their December 3 board meeting, Douglas County Commissioners are expected to vote on the future of a building the county purchased at 822 Douglas Street in Alexandria. On a 4 to 1 vote, commissioners approved the purchase of the building at their June 4 meeting.

Board members will determine whether to remodel the current building or tear it down and rebuild to keep up with the needs of Douglas County citizens and the vital services the county offers.

Part of the consideration will be low interest rates. In early November, the county refinanced two bonds. The true interest costs on the two refunding bonds were between 1.7% and 1.9%. 

Using information from experts and input from the community, the board will determine whether to remodel or rebuild and then develop a timeline.

The city of Alexandria issued a Conditional Use Permit to the county when it purchased the building. That permit only allows the space to be used for government services or as a place of worship. The county has inquired whether any faith-based organizations in the area were interested in renting the space. To date none have expressed an interest.

Commissioners continue to determine the best future use of a new or remodeled building on Douglas Street. Impacting the decision-making process is the November dissolution of Lakes Area Recreation which is housed on the lower level of the Douglas County Services Center. Lakes Area Recreation has been using 21,456 feet of space for offices, open gym opportunities and Shenanigan’s.

The December 3 board meeting begins at 9 a.m. in the Douglas County Courthouse. The board room is located on the second level.


Monday, December 2, 2019 by Jerome Kostreba
I urge the commissioners to call the property purchase a bad decision and put it up for sale as soon as possible.The property is not needed and security, maintenance, and planning decision time will only cost us taxpayers way more than necessary. The county already has plenty of space available options if more space is needed. Anything further that is done to this property will only be extremely and unnecessarily expensive. Sincerely, Jerome Kostreba

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