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County Board Appoints Interim Assessor

Posted: 04/09/2021

Author: Julie Anderson

Category: County Board, Departments

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Douglas County Commissioners have appointed an interim county assessor following the retirement of Keith Albertsen. Stacy Honkomp, the current assistant county assessor, will take over the office and its duties while the county reviews applicants for the assessor position. Honkomp has been with the county assessor’s office for 17 years, three as assistant county assessor. She and the staff will be busy the rest of this month participating in the Board of Review process. Property owners who wish to appeal are encouraged to call 320-762-3884 or email: . “We encourage property owners who choose to appeal to make their appeal in writing or email,” said Honkomp. “Local Board of Appeal and Equalization will begin April 13 and run through April 23. These meetings cannot take any action on the property taxes currently due.” Appointments are required. The property owners Assessment Notice will specify the date and location of the meeting for each district.
Stacey Honkomp 

Honkomp will also continue with her other office duties and her responsibility to view properties in Douglas County. Each appraiser must view up to 5,000 parcels within a four-year time frame. Honkomp says she has formed very good working relationships with the cities and townships, and she enjoys meeting the homeowners during the viewing process — especially the older folks who like to visit for a while.


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